Air Travel Wanderer_ featuring AirArabia

I flew from Trivandrum International Airport to Abu Dhabi International airport via Air Arabia flights recently. The usual choices were Etihad or Emirates, but this time due to the limited availability of flights, I had to choose Air Arabia. Air Arabia 320 really surprised me with efficient management and luxury for the money paid.

Baggage: 2* 15 kgs check-in bags and cabin bag – 10kgs

Pros: luxury worth the cost of travel

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was among the first to enter the flight

The take off was preceded by an Arabic prayer and a very joyful safety information video which featured people from different cultures from around the world _ It was quite refreshing to see a south Indian woman in her saree learning to wear the seat belt and an American coping the oxygen mask. The video also featured people from Britain, Africa and so on, traveling on the same flight.

Excellent food menu options _ I tried the paratha with channa masala and the chicken biryani _ these were the best airplane food I’ve ever had in years of air travel. Not kidding. Extremely honest review. The menu options were quite extensive. I’ve seen people eating wraps and sandwiches as well. Not sure if they provide desserts though.

Boneless chicken biriyani with yogurt

I was surprised when I found out that there were only male hosts for the flight with male pilots as well _ there usually is at least one female host. They seemed quite joyful, which was again surprising to me because, air hosts are usually tired and graceful rather than happy and ready-to-go.

Quite a relaxed flight

I would definitely choose Air Arabia again 👍


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