‘Heartstopper’ _ Netfix Series

My generation (the last few millenials), have grown up watching the perfect love stories of straight couples ONLY. Hence we’ve had our slight difficulties of acceptance and some of us even in our mid twenties, have inhibitions coming out. I’m glad that such stories are being made now, by the genZs, for the genZs. Y’all keep rockin 💪.

This love story between Charlie and Nick is the sweetest _ so natural and pure.

Set in the rather cloudy areas of England, is the story of openly gay, 15-year-old Charlie and Nicholas who is has never known anything about his sexuality.

Typically, what happens in teenage romances are :- crush-on-a-flawed-character _ love _ problems _ confusion _ solution _ and ending well. But in this story, neither characters are flawed & there is no confusion _ the characters tell each other how they actually feel, eliminating a whole lot of problems. This story is a great example of how communication and talking about how you actually feel is the best solution for anything.

I absolutely loved that Nick and Charlie are GENUINELY SUCH GOOD BOYS. In a time of flawed characters being portrayed (again and again with booze and drugs) who keep getting second chances and taking redeeming efforts, this story feels new and is such a delight to watch.

I was completely invested in the characters from the very first episode _ felt like I was there with them throughout the story. There are moments that’ll make your heart skip a beat 😊❣️.

Most charming and heartwarming LGBTQ movie I’ve seen so far.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Here’s the playlist I found on Spotify: – https://open.spotify.com/album/2o3leUqps0lLmKlqfqzRW3?si=32Ya0ekAT9-19MqUFUAQHw&utm_source=copy-link



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