Only so much love…

To my lover

For whom, my heart skips a beat,

Don’t ask me for more

Because I only have

So much love to give.

The story starts,

The pinafore days

My eyes in awe, The years of bliss,

The ABCs, the one-two-threes

Happiness, when came from the core of the heart

The years of giving and accepting love

Love of Admiration, of Respect,

Or of Simply love

Those days of giving an Extra piece of love

Those days of love, those days of love

Those days

I had an infinite pieces of love.

But soon

The years of demands began

The years of wanting and keeping

Everyone happy, began.

Giving away,

That stored Love began

Not wanting love in Return began

They smiled at me

And asked for more

A selfless Giver, they applauded me.

Little did I know

There’d be days of Self loathe

There’d be days

I’d need Love, For myself, For my heart.

I’d spent too much by then

I’d given away all my pieces of love

And forgotten to Ask for any

Because I was proud;

Didn’t think I’d need any

And Always thought I had enough.

Didn’t count myself,

In the names who Needed that love.

Now I’m healing,

A time I’m planting,

A tree of love

Sometimes feeling sorry I’m forgetting,

To Nourish on time;


A love blooms from time to time

Close to my heart _

For my heart.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have one more

I promise

I’ll give You that love,

But don’t ask for more,

Because I only have,

So much love to give.

And if I have one more

I’ll keep it hidden

And I’ll give it to you

If you’ve spent too much

And if you are left With

Only so much love to give…

I’ll give you mine

Because then I’ll have

So much love to give.


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