When will I fall in love with the rain again?

Clouds – grey – cold wind – a thunder or two – sound of the puddles, the water on trees, the water hitting the roof – For me _ all of this is a nightmare.

As we go through a time of not understanding what is happening to us, a certain kind of sadness, and a time when everything seems to go wrong; where nothing is anyone’s fault – there will be a Constant – something common in every one of those instances.

In my case, it was – rain. I heard shocking news, then I listened and I heard rain. This happened for a very long time.

It’s really is an acquired thing that I find rain as a bad omen today _ because of yesterday. I’m really hoping and wishing this will change – tomorrow or the day after.

I believe one good memory in the rain can change all that. So today – when something good happens – I listen and look to see if it’s raining – sorry to disappoint, but that hasn’t happened yet. But then again – I’m hopeful.

Maybe someday I’ll dance in the rain and I wouldn’t even realize that my fear is converted to something beautiful.

And I imagine myself crying and dancing in the rain one last time to this song and I’d never be sad in the after rains.


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